Promote viral marketing

Tips & tricks to communicate on your participation and to make you visible on social networks

Communicate before, during and after the show

The influence of Aiguille en fête on the networks is an opportunity to put you forward. Give visibility to your brand and viralize your presence as well as to maximize your participation in the show.

Tips :

Remember to identify the show in your publications and use the #SalonAEF to give more strength to your publications.

Communicate the number of your stand on each of your publications!


Before the show

On Facebook

You can use your page to advertise your presence as a publication enhancing your products / services. Remember to follow the @aiguilleenfete account on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to bounce on the news of the event, share it and keep you informed.

On Twitter

Use the Aiguille en fête Communication Kit to retrieve visuals of the current campaign and illustrate your tweets.

Before the show, you can also make a tweet that encourages you to meet you on your stand.

Mention the #SALONAEF in your tweet to be potentially relayed on our account.

On your website


Thanks to the banners made available in the communication kit.

You can also redirect users to your website via links to insert in your tweets and posts, and this to give more information on your presence on the show.

During the show

On the social networks

Enhance your presence and make people want to join you. Social networks can quickly inform users, so take advantage of them to spark interest on Twitter or Instagram!

Use the dedicated hashtag for the #SALONAEF event when communicating about your presence. In this way, you will be spotted by internet users looking for information about the event, and thus improve your visibility very easily.

Take advantage of the Instagram social network to cover key moments of the event, as well as meetings with your customers / prospects.

And it will work well on Twitter too!

You wish to give the possibility to the Internets to meet you?

Announce regularly on your social networks the location of your stand, and the next events organized:

  • product / service demonstration
  • conference
  • training
  • etc.

 Now you have the basics to viralize your presence at Aiguille en fête and increase your chances of being seen and attracting new customers.

After the show 

Continue the Aiguille en fête experience on your networks!

Repost the publications of your fans in which you appeared, make an appointment with your community for the next edition ...

Find #SALONAEF on networks

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