Boost the audience attendance to your stand

Launch invitations and attract visitors on your stand

Before : Communicate on your participation to the show

Be sure, the Aiguille en fête team communicates and multiplies communication actions throughout the year to ensure visitor traffic to the event. But to increase this strike force, you must also act and let know that you will be in one of our salons, how?

On our online catalog

It's FREE and it's the most viewed section of the website! So do not miss the opportunity to be visible: quickly inform the products and brands that you want to highlight on the show, connect to your exhibitor space in the "my communication".

You can also send us your press releases and press kits.

On our website

Thanks to our banners that allow your customers and prospects to know that you are participating in the show. To download them for free, log in to your exhibitor area in the "my communication" section.

On your different documents and advertising pages

The logos and visuals of the show are at your disposal for download (CTA)

Send invitations

Launch an e-mailing campaign with to your contact your database (customers, prospects, professional partners ...) and send them invitationsinvite them to meet youto your stand. In addition to value, it also allows you to retain them.By doing so you add value to your presence and loyalty among your customers

During the show : show up yourself 

Give more visibility to your brand / stand during the show by choosing to be present on communication tools off and online: business plan, signage, kakemonos, web banners ... choose and order the right tools to maximize your visibility.

Liven your stand up

  • Organize a contest and take the opportunity to enrich your database
  • Offer vouchers to be paid on the spot
  • Show creations to inspire your visitors
  • Organize thematic workshops to showcase your expertise and showcase your products