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FONTY - Embroidery

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D 008

Fil et aiguille

Le Moulin Neuf


Fonty, « la Filature de Rougnat » is one of the last remaining wool spinning mills still operating in France ; it was established since 1880 in Rougnat, a small village located on the hills of Creuse, on the banks of the river Le Cher. This rural and remote area called Les Combrailles used to be one of the traditional places in France for breaders and textile industry.

One of the last testimony of this activity, this old factory belongs to the treasuries of the local history. Labelled «Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant» (EPV, «Living Heritage Company»), it maintains an exceptional know-how that has been inherited and transmitted from one generation to the other. It is made of genuine processes, highly qualified competencies, combined experience and refined gestures, associated to a set of traditional industrial tools and machines, that the team repairs, renews and refurbishes progressively.

Fonty manufactures high quality natural wool yarns from animal fleeces and vegetal fibers : merino, alpaga, yak, camel, mohair goat, angora rabbit, silk, cashmeer, linen, cotton, bamboo...The raw materials are cautiously selected and traced. The fleeces come from local or regional breeders, from France, Europe, Central Asia or any of the traditional wool countries from the southern hemisphere. Those materials are transformed into carded or worsted yarns, tops or ribbons in Rougnat.

While operating its competitive dye workshop, Fonty is able to reproduce or create all imaginable colors and shades for its yarns : undyed ecru, natural pigments, or synthesis colors obtained through environmentally friendly processes.

The fibers that are used as raw materials are washed, sorted, opened and beaten, worsted and filtered, prepared and mixed, carded, spinned, assembled, twisted, put into skeins, ungreased, rinced, dyed, squized and wrung out, dryed and vaporized, mesured and prepared into cones, skeins, coils or balls..

Colors are created in the laboratory and elaborated in the dye house. Waste water are treated into the ecological water treatment facility that stand next to it, which filters the water thanks to canes rhizomes properties. The dye house team entertains a library of hundreds of thouands of colors, and creates every day new shades to answer our clients requests.

Our customers appreciate high quality wool yarns, with genuine colors, made in France, out of noble and traceable raw materials, through environment friendly processes and with social commitment. They are passionate knitters, tapestry craftsmen, weavers, traditional carpet manufacturers, fashion brands,  Haute Couture designers and faconniers and knitting industrials. Many sheep farmers trust us to transform their fleeces into delicate and colored yarn, that they sell on markets and at their farm.

Ecology is the main driver that lead our decisions and choices ; we always try to apply eco-sensible, eco-responsible and sustainable development principles : natural raw materials, renewable energy saving and recycling, short loops, local preference, inputs reduction and contaminants eradication, ecological water treatment, heat reatrieval, water reuse, selective sorting, waste recycling, fair trade, associative commitment, social work, goodwill and trust in relationships, are the heart of the Fonty project.


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